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Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden

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Morgan LeBeaux, the only true Pureblood Vampire anywhere around Miami, thinks she’s making a sacrafice to help save her Vampire brethren ~ the sacrifice being becoming the mate of the Alpha Wolf, Jace Vaughn.  She has no idea that Jace asked for the agreement more to get HER, the Vampire Princess, than he did to get the strength he’ll gain from drinking from a pure blood Vamp.  Or that she’d fall instantly under his spell…

Fighting Demons that are bent on destroying both Vamps & Wolves so they can have free rein in the world, Jace and Morgan find themselves ready to go to hell to save each other…and their races.

This was a short story that Cynthia Eden self published ~ you can find it at Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N ~ and let me just say, YAY!  Let’s hear it for self publishing!!  I loved this story ~ she managed to pack so much into it, and totally convince me that Morgan and Jace were made for one another……..and that both of them were made of kick ass toughness!!  Grab this up for $.99  ~~ it’s a steal!


Danger: Women Writing Contest!!

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Shiver of Fear by Roxanne St.Claire

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Book 2 in The Guardian Angelinos starts off with cousin Marc Rossi joining in the agency’s quest to land some great jobs ~ with his former cohorts, the FBI.  When Marc is recruited on what appears to be the simpliest of tasks ~ simply go to Northern Ireland and get Devyn Sterling to leave ~ the job is too good and easy to pass up.  Even if the FBI is being tight lipped ~ and even if they suspect there is more to this job than what the face value is.  Heck, how can they pass up the chance to land the FBI as a paying client? 

What Marc finds in Devyn Sterling is way more than he expected ~ not the cold, unemotional socialite he thought he’d meet at all, Devyn is a woman who has been so much with her dead husband (if you’ve read Book 1, you know the back story here ) and with the people who had adopted her when she was a baby ~ and now she’s just looking for that elusive ‘something’ to complete her, to make her life ‘more’.  Could it the birth mother she’s never known? 

Marc and Devyn find themselves pulled into a terrorist operation ~ and their lives in peril everywhere they turn.  As they draw closer to one another, and trust begins to build, the connection between the two was something I felt growing with the story.  I thought their story was so believable and it made my heart ache for them both ~ while rooting for Devyn to not only get Marc, but to find the answers she seeks.  I loved it, and was guessing until the end ~ and guessed WRONG, which doesn’t usually happen for me!!

I’m never dissapointed in Roxanne St. Claire’s books ~ and while I was sad to see The Bulletcatchers end, I’m loving this new series, and am so intrigued by the characters she’s introduced in the big Angelino/Rossi family.  I’m hoping we’re looking at a long series of great books here!!

Moon Burning by Lucy Monroe

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 Moon Burning (A Children of the Moon Novel)

Lucy Monroe’s Children of The Moon series mixes two of my fav sub genres ~ historical & paranormal. She’s sucked me into this world that she’s created, where the Crechte, or shapeshifters, have hidden themselves amongst the human clans for their own protection, yet continue to honor their beliefs & rites.

 In this, the 3rd installement, she’s introduced more species of Crechte into the world, and I truly enjoyed the way she did it ~ and the way she showed the struggle for those that had been hidden to come to terms with trusting and being open with the Crechte.

I love her dialogue, and the emotions she brings out in her characters ~ and while you don’t have to have read the other books in the series to fully enjoy this book, it was nice to revisit a few characters you’d met in previous books, and the secondary story line was an added bonus I enjoyed. I preorder these books ~ and if you’re a lover of shapeshifters & paranormals, you don’t want to miss this series!