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Moon Burning by Lucy Monroe

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 Moon Burning (A Children of the Moon Novel)

Lucy Monroe’s Children of The Moon series mixes two of my fav sub genres ~ historical & paranormal. She’s sucked me into this world that she’s created, where the Crechte, or shapeshifters, have hidden themselves amongst the human clans for their own protection, yet continue to honor their beliefs & rites.

 In this, the 3rd installement, she’s introduced more species of Crechte into the world, and I truly enjoyed the way she did it ~ and the way she showed the struggle for those that had been hidden to come to terms with trusting and being open with the Crechte.

I love her dialogue, and the emotions she brings out in her characters ~ and while you don’t have to have read the other books in the series to fully enjoy this book, it was nice to revisit a few characters you’d met in previous books, and the secondary story line was an added bonus I enjoyed. I preorder these books ~ and if you’re a lover of shapeshifters & paranormals, you don’t want to miss this series!


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